Speechless Spectres

by That's Five!

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released April 1, 2014

All songs written and performed by ETB
Recorded at The Apartment Under the Stairs, Edmonton Alberta
UEG Tunes

Cover Art by ETB



all rights reserved


That's Five! Edmonton, Alberta

Independent Musics!

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Track Name: Kurtz
Elate us and our faith in a moment
Before the scopes are placed and they look
Berate our friends and all of their lovers
Before the rain is all that we know

As we head down this river
To certain unrest
We give out this call
To find us

As we tackle this river
With our wake only giving the best
We meet those who all
Despise us

The water creates only a shiver
The wind blowing in from the west
We ask for life but it wasn't our call
It was denied us

They won't tell me if I go to far
The better not tell me if I go to far
Track Name: Lower Lights
I'm equipped with skeletons
But they're not in my closet
They're beneath my slippers
Among the worms
It's a cold pedicure
Scraping away the censures
Are you prepared
To offer Terms

I'll start this race if
I know what we're running from
Carpe Diem
It's all just a load

I'm Equipped with skeletons
But they're not in my floorboards
That pounding heart
Is not my own
It's a cold cutting board
Chopping away the vocal chords
Of a child need of support

I'll build this barricade
If I fear that guns replace the swords
Carpe Diem
It's all just words

And just for the record
We never could be held by her
And the lower lights
Will continue to burn
It's true we'll never reach the shore
But our hearts have always wanted more
Don't look at me
I never said a word
Track Name: Zampano and the Infinite Staircase
Track Name: In Sequences of Bygone Measures
Is it fluid? Is it true?
Must we stand here Nude?
Are we fallen? Too soon?
Take me right through.

We need something to cool
us down to another room
and we need something this smooth
to make us feel truth

Are these fluids found in youth
understanding the precious news?
Have we found it? What's you?
or is it deeper than we knew?

All these fluids bring us closer to you.
Track Name: Hypo Crates
I've fallen on my feet in spite of greater pleas
and though I'm prone to tease
I'm weak
There is no grace for me at least there shouldn't be
Oh lord don't have mercy
on me

This place should be hospitable
but I came here on my own

I've fallen on my knees to offer you a treat
and though the ravens are walking
we will eat
There is no place for me among these fallen trees
I never stood to their canopies
or their needs

This should be affable
but I came here on my own

What are you waiting for
for a muse to come rapping on your door
what's the complaining for
you should have know that there never was a cure

I've fallen in the crease to maximize the peace
and though we were never ready
God speeds
There is no place in me not occupied by grief
and though there was never glory
I'm here

This place should be comfortable
but I came here on my own
This place should be workable, doable
but I came here all alone.
Track Name: Of Things to Come
Track Name: Timid
Oh You can be mine
Don't be shy
Oh why don't you see the light
Don't Feign Blind
If you thought it'll heat up
I won't
It's gonna be cold
on this boat

Oh you can be alive
Don't be shy
Oh what does it feel like
To Survive
If you thought it'll be enough
It won't
It's gonna be lonely
So she wrote

I've already tasted all your candy
and I think that I have let it get the best of me
you're so unreal
and if there really was a single way to go
I wouldn't want to know it if you told me so
Better off alone

You can be the light
Don't be shy
You can see what it feels like
To Survive
It's gonna be cold
She wrote
It won't be enough
It Won't
Track Name: A Proclamation to Your Face
She turned of the radio
There was nothing good on
She put on some pantie hose
Though it wouldn't take too long
The one thing she was waiting for
It never seemed to come
Her spilt along the floor
Right Next to a Loaded Gun

Nothing Like Being Ready to Go
And you let yourself unwind
No One Ever Knocks at Your Door
But you never seemed to mind
It's Fine
It's Final

She turned onto a one-way road
Even though she saw the sign
She Didn't have her seat-belt on
Didn't need it for her last drive
To her surprise there was no one coming on
In spite of the green lights
She turned around and went on home
Filled with a million sighs

Are you ready to let it all go?
Do you know just what your in for?
Are you ready? This is all that you know,
And what comes next just might be worse.
Track Name: Spectres
Track Name: Of Things Past
Fools think they're ahead
Fools think they're only dead

But we're happy here
All of us happy peers

I knew my place
Did I know my own ways?
Track Name: An Argument Amongst Ancients
So you think you can go around
making fun of lovers
as if there never could
be another
who'd change you very soul
see how you mended when
she caught your eye
and that beautiful face makes
you wanna die
just to stifle
the beating in your blood

he thought he suffered
'cause he misunderstand fate
that all these trouble
came somehow from heaven's gates
but its all internal
just his own little devil

so you ask your best friend
for some good advice
and he tells you my brother
you don't have to ask twice
I'll get her for you in the end
your friend comes up with an excellent scheme
I'll get you in her bed
before she's even dreaming
I'll make sure
damn sure
she won't defend

Now she's gone across the way
to another man
from another plain
the aligned stars are finally
going her way
don't do anything that would make me cry
she may be everything
but she's not worth you life
but you never listened
to me anyway

and now the stars say