Face In Palm

by That's Five!

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released April 2, 2015

All song written and performed by ETB
Recorded at Parkview, Edmonton Alberta
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Cover by ETB



all rights reserved


That's Five! Edmonton, Alberta

Independent Musics!

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Track Name: Sib Legeru
so sorry to interrupt your time together
your epipsychidionizing with this
boring violent world
these riddles must be left unanswered or
all is gone to this
boring violent world

hope that we'll protest some more
our operative bit exposed
i'm only naked functionally
believe i said this, believe everything

your sister is nearly sleeping with your doppelganger
go cut him with scissors for this
boring violent world
Track Name: Who Did What
Oh Love, must have been a dream
can't remember who did what to me
the tunnel opens just wide enough to see
nothing in there, but there's no room to be

no need to lie just sacrifice let those who've died be your guide

i'm on the balcony ready to open up and irrigate with blood
and with hell as my witness i will never love another one
it is myself who rends the flesh from the fallen
this is not the end, it will go on

a quiet moment for those taken in the streets
the work of omnifutuant freaks
you don't know what's for you
and neither do we
don't take my advice
i'll just ask you to bleed

no need to lie just sacrifice let those who've died be your guide

it is myself who rends the flesh from the fallen
this is not the end, it will go on
won't you take me out of here
i must have been forgotten
there's no end to what I fear
must have been....
Track Name: Another Year
I only connect with these strangers that I read
Can't remember the names of Friends and Family
Does it cause you pain that I only live for me?
Go on hate my victories

Human Beings are so filthy
Got to love them for turning me on
to every great idea
blood and music cursory

all these years can you believe
all that's left eternity
can't wait till the hard part's over
don't think that will ever be
just 'cause it's yours doesn't make it mine
i want your love but there's just no time
your touch is warm
your touch is kind
but there's too much on my mind

oh my lover
keep looking in my eyes
though i'm going blind
oh my lover
i just can't get it right
keep touching me in style
Track Name: Essential Warmth
I don't need the sun to warm my blood
I just need you

I confess without duress I wouldn't want another running the nest
There's something about your love that I can't rebel
I do my best and for the rest I can be damn sure you'll be cleaning my mess
without your love I am just not able

And if there's cause to raise alarm
I won't be the one who's calm
Soothe my nerves with this song
Remind myself your the one

Don't you worry, don't you hurry, I know that my vision of the future is blurry
but I can't leave your for nothing, no not the devil
Don't mind my fury, keep enduring, its always going to be hard,
but surely
Everything's going to be alright because we're together

Take me home.
Track Name: (Girl of the New World)
the engineer of human souls so alone far from us
she disconnects from her home no one knows who to trust
her payment just what she stole
after sliding on his pole
the forest contains the hole
where his body goes
her baby's dead so it goes she's sick for her loss
the country burns for her now no tricks no more boss
the raving feels so good
on E just like she should
pouring the liquid
no one cares

play in my ears nightmares

the horses come from the ocean to trample a moment
she's become to sick to dream these one armed ex-boyfriends

she has no aversion to blood what the fuck
i don't know you so get away from me
i'm not that weak
don't start anything i was finally feeling free
i do who i want so what do you got
Track Name: Ill Rodents
Suffer My Incoherence who's your biggest influence
drowning your pets and jumping the fence
your loss
don't mind my friends they're just dense
it doesn't matter where they went
giving up is not an expense
you're lost

look at this player what does he mean to her
and what of she to him

I'm going off a feeling
these cold children are all teething
blisters under their peeling nails
but they're not screaming

suffer my self importance
what's your biggest need to repent
drowned your kids in the torrent
they're lost
don't mind my love it's all spent
doesn't matter 'twas abhorrent
found myself another whore and
i'm lost

look at the player what does he mean to her
and what of she to him

i'm going off a feeling
these burning walls are all shrinking
drunken ghosts drip down the walls
and i'm not dreaming

these rodents are ill and i am too
Track Name: Class
This is not a gun you can suck on
all the fun is gone pulled out and left us
bruised up your throat for a necklace
doesn't know what it wants
it hit up your bank while it ruined your face
now we all have learned our place
but we still want a taste

when will he come down
to tell us
what we always knew
would kill us

this is not a love you can rub off
everybody's gone walked out and tossed us
burned down our home to get famous
didn't know what they want
i've got my own way so gimme some space
i only wanna breath but it tastes like mace
how do i live with so much shame

this is not a god you can shrug off
all hope is gone taken by the master
i don't wanna die but i hope it comes faster
don't know what i want
so i'm already gone