False Apart

by That's Five!

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released March 7, 2017

Music and Lyrics Written and Recorded by ETB
Recorded @ Parkview, Edmonton
Mastered by LANDR



all rights reserved


That's Five! Edmonton, Alberta

Independent Musics!

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Track Name: Omniscient
I know love I know love
you're right here that's enough
following follow us
you're my god you're my gospel
I've no blood I've no blood
not the bad not the good
felling me false apart
you're my god you're my gospel
you're my god you're my gospel
I know what I'm no what
never good never not
false-ing me folly starts
you're my god you're my gospel
I know cult I'm a cult
always good always not
follow me follow us
you're my god you're my gospel
you're my god
you're my gospel
Track Name: Critical Traditions
We have gone to walk along to see the birds and hear them call
finding out the birds don't know much at all and what is more
neither do the experts on the wall
where am I
it's hard to place what it feels like
is it home I wonder
we have come to waltz with you to feel the worms dance in our shoes
and fall apart and fall apart when all we've found is nothing new
not that much would change if we do
we are here to laugh, absurd
to touch to know to love to curse
and fall apart and fall apart and fall apart and fall apart
Track Name: You've Had Your Time
Awake Awake
Consciously Falling
Awake Awake
Always Been
Away Away
All is null all is
Away Awake
Nihilist Laughing

All is now
All is here
Who needs anything Else
All is now
All is here

You've had your time
You've had time enough
Little Wilson

Amaze Amaze
Don't need much to be a
Amazed Amazed
Fall for it all
Awake Awake
How long will I be
Awake Awake
Don't wish to dream
Track Name: The Town Ends
Faith! Form me! Hallelujah! Warn me!
Pray! Play! Wait! Waste! Suffocate!
Fate! Spare me!
Track Name: Not Watching
Do you hear the rain as it drips drips down, down to the ground?
Have you splashed in the puddles often enough?
Have you felt the leaves as they crumble in your hands
making you feel strong?
When's the last time you laughed?

I won't wait here while you drown.
I won't stand at the edge of the ice
while you slip under
never to be found.
I won't wait here while you drown.
I won't watch you take the plunge now.

Did you hear the thunder waking you up in the middle of the night?
Did you sleep through that too?
Did you hear the one close enough to burn down that house?
Did you wish that was you?
Track Name: Little Will
Track Name: Redux
It's not me it's not always not infinitely
It's not true It's not godly or precious perfect
fragile without you
Let us assume the fibers of our being our stars
the passion in our the passion in our
let us refuse to leave behind the old traditions
to recognize the new
are you afraid of letting on to God?
Have you been waiting on and on
to sing 'I still remain'
to say all you wanted to say
Please no more silence now
There is a part of me consuming empty space
There is a wealth of words I cannot contain
We shall consume all space
with our desires
there will be no more room
for our sensibilities
there's no leave there's no often enough
to purify me
it's not real not really no comfort is to be
found in it if all it is is punishing
let us deny that we were born all but fallen
did nothing here but rise
let us comply only good for taking orders
god as master son as bastard
Track Name: Land For None
Taken in little bites
what you to do me
it's not so nice
take me by the hand
into no man's land
hold up, wait, I've got a wife
one more time let me explain

No, I won't be your man
cause I'm barely enough for myself
But I'll drink to a land for none
Icy and silent

I'm really not one for vice
I don't know what you think
of me but it's not quite right
Take me by the hand
take me to no man's land
I'll never see another night
One more time, I am afraid here
One more time let me explain it again
Track Name: Unnecessary Shifts
October Blizzards accompany us until our vision is white
No sun has risen for millennia
I've gone inside to try forgetting to despise
becoming alive happened to be a surprise
Keeping on rhythm, accompany us, until our wagers come through
No one has won for millennia
I've gotten wise and lied remembering to deny
The Cold's gotten in, happened to be all against my skin
I couldn't wait again, I couldn't for it, I couldn't wait for you
Chain Myself to love that should be enough
Oh my God I can't seem to keep up with all of it
Barred from giving up with all we have and more
Oh my God I can't seem to live up to all of this
Rage against the walls fallen once and for all
Oh My God I can't see what's on to save my soul
Please take me home I have seen enough
What the fuck has all of this been for I cannot know
Unnecessary shifts can't contain this bliss
Of anacondas gone wild of writers out of ink
I never a stole a kiss always wishing that I did
but can't forget the unintended consequences
I'm not gonna come back I'm not gonna fade
There is no way home there is no way
We've seen this path before again and always
The letters fill too much existence the writing never stays
Unnecessary paths, a log of faulty goals
marred with superstition and the fact that we're getting old
The goddess in our bed just got out for breakfast
I'll never comprehend I'll never fucking get this
I'm too cold and I can't wait
I'm too cold and I can't stay
Are the reapers coming so we fantasize
Are the seeds we've sown grown enough to take our lives
Have our beasts of burden learned to be wild
Have we come so low we'll embrace infanticide
Our bodies and bones our teeth and our eyes
Tell the whole world of what we despise
What is the point will we ever know why
Who is that I hear have you come for me
Where am I Am I even here
What is the message please make it clear
I can't understand it I can't understand
Why am I
Track Name: Arm Me
You say that I'm my own best friend
paint me narcissist
I say I love you all the more
You've finally gotten it
You got me
You say I'm lost in my own thoughts
That I'm not listening
It's just my mind it changes tune
You make them more interesting
You arm me
And so the fates tear us apart
But they're not as strong as me
The say that time breaks love
But I keep thinking
With who's army?