by That's Five!

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released January 8, 2013

All songs written and Recorded by ETB
Except "Don't Drink The Water"
Originally written by Dave Matthews Band
Recorded at The Apartment Under the Stairs, Edmonton Alberta

Cover Art by ETB



all rights reserved


That's Five! Edmonton, Alberta

Independent Musics!

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Track Name: Elena and the Sentianauts
When forces fail to reveal the form
of fortunes fame/ a fool's remorse
a feigned condolance/ a false report
taking pictures to appear well off
it's easy to smile for brief moments
too offer a kiss/ a small token
but candid photos and hidden cameras
reveal the true face of those on guard

Here is everything
and I'm on bored
take this swim with me
I promise we'll float

All is emptying
All is formed

To be caught in the hallway
doped up/ thought it wasn't my fault
the sentianaut removes its face
it's more like me, all but forgot
when you're sane you connect the dots
the lines seem straight/ power's measured in watts
but when you're not your every thought
is tied in plots and dead robots
Track Name: Buggers Of Antiquity
It's not a home when you're alone
It's not a full glass no never
it's not a church without a welcome sign
no matter how many full moons
no matter how much you want it too
the fangs and fur won't come tonight

Which hallway do you prefer my darling?
which puppet show best suits you fondly?
is this empty nest better black or white?
my office takes up half the room
and photoshop could ever fool
the theorist and his unforgiving mind

these sunglasses won't shade my eyes
the forming lights are just too bright
with the buggers as my witness
I will aid whatever sides
as long as it's not mine

Now followers will blae for false guides
no finger foods could ever replace the pleasures of fork and knife
for every young boys carnival
there's a film left on the side
to feed the fire

what spiders seem to have the gift?
what phone digits this curse will lift?
the fallen are forever running mild

I'm nothing without my bride
she's nothing without her guy
and the buggers of antiquity
are smoking pesticides
and they're all high
Track Name: Film Accents
This place is quiet
but not nearly enough
the bustling of bodies
are yet ever present
these lights are florescent
more fake than film accents
and these secretive meetings
hurt my self image

Formerly a shell
now filled
totalled beyond repair

how I long for the presence of formulaic writing
for churning out pieces of hateful discussing
of failed performance and management missteps
the pleasant mockery of are in distress

why should I care for their thoughts of success
I am the man
and this is my pen
friendship is formed on thoughts pleasant
careers boil down to cruel sentiments

and if you want to get ahead
your heart must be dead
and no fostering of talent must enter your head
because if they move on there'll be no spots left
and the whispering wind will be the praise you'll get

a generation drinking
a generation thinking
that this is all they're gonna get
that this is all that's worth it
forgetting every offering
rejecting all their offspring
don't make me listen to one more set
Track Name: Invitations and Supplications
A coat of Skins
A code and price
raise your right hand
and promise not to fight
take no though of
the fruitless tree
look instead to
what might be
imbue the feathers
annoint your eyes
see more clearly
permit the sacrifice
though blood is not
and we forgot
the names we seek

We on bended knee
we plead
take this small offering
save me

forget the time
that's for the outside
immerse yourself
recover former ties
breathe in deeply
the ghosts who weep
all these souls
and they're yours to keep

escape from prison
embracing paradise
neither is the finish
of the plot that will summise
hear the voices
soft as a breeze
screaming pangs of
a lost eternity
Track Name: Cosine
Scolded Skin
the utmost confidence in
every spin
she always wins

feeble yet
on her side
shrapnel and fire
oh, her and I
collect confines

Singed Hair
hello there, hello there
fine day isn't it?
you perfectly scorched pair

fallen your overmind
sharia fines
oh, her and I
connect Cosines

Fasten your
only prize
showing their vines
oh, her and I
coalesce our minds
Track Name: Double Negatives
We had some good times baby
don't you know we had some good times
about a year now
won't take em back
for nothing at all
ride on the subway
take it all day
go back and forth
across the hall
remember those picnics
on those rooftops baby
throwing paper airplanes
near city hall

i want you close to me baby
i want you right here in my arms
i don't regret nothing about you baby
i don't regret nothing at all

i know you been working so hard baby
i know you're the one to get us along
i'll try not to disappoint you baby
i'll do my best but you know sometimes i'm gonna be wrong
i'll do my best to keep on top
i can't make no promises
'cept that i'll do my best
won't let you down for long

i hope i can soothe you baby
i hope i can make you calm
when you're under distress
under the wall
soothe you babe with my rock n' roll
i'ma rock it baby
i'ma bring it to you baby
don't you worry about it
ain't nothin' more rock and roll
ain't nothin' more rock n' roll
than double negatives

i want you close to me baby
i want you right here in my arms
i don't regret nothing about you baby
i don't regret nothing at all
Track Name: Don't Drink The Water
come out come out
no use in hiding
come now come now
can you not see
there's no place here
what were you expecting?
not room for both
just room for me

so you will lay you arms down
yes I will call this home

away away
you have been banished
your land is gone
and given to me

and here I will spread my wings
yes I will call this home

what's this you say
you feel a right to remain
then stay and I will bury you
what's that you say
your father's spirit still lives in this place
i will silence you

here's the hitch
your horse is leaving
don't miss your boat
it's leaving now

and as you go I will spread My wings
yes I will call this home

I have no time to justify to you
fool you're blind move aside for me
all i can say to you my new neighbor
is you must move on
or i will bury you

now as i rest my feet by this fire
those hands once warmed here
i have retired them
I can breather my own air
I can sleep more soundly
upon these poor souls
i'll build heaven and call it home

I live with my justice
i live with my greedy need
i live with no mercy
i live with my frenzied feeding
i live with my hatred
i live with my jealousy
i live with the notion
i don't need anyone but me

don't drink the water
there's blood in the water
Track Name: Roots
Pour the dirt and sign all the papers
I'm six feet down and that's fine
just make sure to cross all the Ts
and don't you dare miss those Is
as long as this box is tight
no need for this suit no need for no offerings
i'm good with the air and my form
don't have to visit i won't even know it
i'll have plenty friends with the worms
although they make me squirm

This box is nice
who needs to be alive

it's alright i'm still growing
my hair and fingernails still have life
it's just as common as birthing or breathing
my replacement will do alright
this isn't much of a plight

this box is nice
who needs to be alive
though these roots are rotting through my thoughts
and decaying my mind
barreling through my skull tissue
and coming out my eyes

there's roots in my eyes

for the sake of my brother
don't dig up another
i don't think i'll resist the fight
the ground is so cozy
and it's all that's left for me
i want it all to be mine

these roots are all mine

this box is nice
who needs to be alive
a million years
and i'll disappear
though these roots are rotting through my thoughts
and decaying my mind
barreling through my skull tissue
and coming out my eyes